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About The Company

Founded in 2011, CanadaUnlocking is an Internet-based technology company that provides a wide range of savings solutions for the cell phone industry and the premier unlocking company in the world. Our mission is to support the user by providing clarity in an industry dominated by chaos and a lack of transparency.

In short, providing the solutions necessary for the user to take full control of their cell phone from the network providers and phone manufacturers.

CanadaUnlocking provides phone unlocking services which allow users to use their cell phone on any compatible network in the world. The flexibility to switch network carriers while using the same phone has several benefits. The main reason to unlock your phone is that it will save you money on roaming fees.

In Addition to unlocking services we also provide reliable phone checks by IMEI, comparison tools for managing and calculating savings on monthly phone bills, technical support and repairs for all phone models.


The Team

The people behind CanadaUnlocking are a solid team of experienced professionals in the mobile phone and tech industry.

Executive Team

  • Catherine Tremblay, CEO & Co-Founder CanadaUnlocking
  • Melve Andrino, COO
  • Jorge Flores, CMO

  • Writers

  • Alex Bourgeois, Tech writer

  • Our Philosophy

    Our work ethic is based on a few key philosophies:

    Provide useful, problem solving services and delivering these services via the internet.

    Create a sustainable business model.
    We strive to outperform our competitors in respect of pricing and customer satisfaction by goign the "extra mile" to prove we actually care for our customers.


    With CanadaUnlocking’s rapid progress, it did not take long before we gained the attention of several investment groups. CanadaUnlocking is currently funded in part by AFB Software Solutions Inc. and a group of independent investors.

    AFB Software Solutions is a company specializing in innovative projects in the computing, telecommunications, Internet and consumer industries.


    Our Locations


    We are a global company and as such, our office is the Internet, but occasionally we like to rest our heads in a physical location as well. Headquartered in Labuan (Malaysia), we also have offices in Oshawa (Canada),  and Los Angeles (USA).


    Los Angeles - U.S.A. | CanadaUnlocking.com

    333 Belmont Ave, Los Angeles,
    CA 90026, USA

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