4UKey Comprehensive Review and Guide: Unlock iOS with 4UKey

Tenorshare 4uKey iPhone passcode unlocker is a program used to regain access to your iOS device if you lost your iPhone passcode or Apple ID password. 4ukey is the name of the original Tenorshare iOS Screen Passcode unlocker and should not be confused with Tenorshare’s  “4ukey series”.  The original 4ukey product is meant only for Apple devices and is known as 4uKey – Screen Passcode Unlocker. 

The three tools from the “4ukey series” are the “4uKey Android Screen Unlocker”, the “4uKey iPhone Backup Unlocker”, and the “4uKey iOS Password Manager”. 

The Android Screen Unlocker is made to remove the Android screen password, the Google account, and FRP lock. The 4uKey iPhone Backup Unlocker is an iCloud password unlock software used for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.  The 4uKey iOS Password Manager assists in recovering stored website logins and app login passwords on iPhones and iPads. The u4key software series is updated regularly and supports the latest iOS versions as well as Android 10.  

What is 4ukey Usage Purpose?

The 4uKey iPhone Screen Passcode Unlocker software allows you to regain access to your iOS device if you have forgotten your iPhone screen passcode or Apple ID password. 4uKey can also remove the MDM lock Screen & MDM Profile. 

Here is a list of use cases for the Tenorshare 4ukey software:

  1. Unlock Lock Screen Passcode
  2. Unlock Apple ID
  3. Remove MDM lock screen
  4. Remove MDM profile

1. Unlock Lock Screen Passcode:

The iPhone / iPad / iPod lock screen passcode refers to the 4 or 6 digit screen passcodes, Touch ID, or Face ID passwords.  The Apple device passcode is created by the user to allow better security. Turning on the passcode also encrypts your iPhone data with 256-bit AES encryption. That means if someone gets access to your iPhone, they’ll only be able to see what you’ve encrypted, not the actual data.

You can unlock the lock screen passcode via 4uKey by following these steps:

  1. Download the macOS or Windows version of  4uKey Tool at the Tenorshare website
  2. Connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to your computer using a use Lightning to USB Cable.
  3. As soon as your computer detects your phone, click on “Start” in the 4ukey software.
  4. Now you will be prompted to select a destination folder download the firmware package.
  5. Once the above step is finished, select “Unlock Now” in the box that will appear on the 4uKey tool.
  6. Wait several minutes for the Tenorshare 4ukey unlock iPhone iPad without passcode process to be completed.
  7. The final steps require you to restore the device using iTunes.You can either restore your iPhone or iPad as a new device or from a backup.
  8. The process is now complete and you will be prompted to create a new passcode when you re-activate your device.

2. Unlock Apple ID

During activation of a new device, you create an Apple ID by entering an email address and password in the Apple ID box. You can also create an Apple ID later via the App store. An Apple ID needs to be unlocked when you lose the original email address or password and can’t recover it or reset it. When you forget your Apple ID, go to the Apple ID account page and click “Forgot Apple ID or password.” You would be required to answer security questions, such as the last four digits of the credit card you have on file with Apple. If you are unable to reset it, then you can use a program such as 4uKey to unlock your Apple ID.  

4uKey can be used to Unlock the Apple ID on your iPhone or iOS device by following these steps:

  • Start by downloading and installing the 4uKey unlocker on your computer
  • Choose “Unlock Apple ID” from the menu on 4uKey.
  • Unlock the screen of your iOS device then connect it to a computer. 
  • Once you click the “Start” button, your Apple ID will be unlocked.

What are the Features of 4uKey?

4uKey iPhone Passcode Unlocker is a program that needs to be downloaded on a PC. The 4uKey Mac version is more costly. 

Below is a list of the Features of 4uKey:

1. The latest version of 4uKey is 1.9 MB in size

2. 4ukey is available in both macOS and Windows versions

3.Tenorshare does not have any minimum RAM requirements or minimum system requirements

What are the Pros of 4uKey?

4uKey is an easy and user-friendly way to unlock a locked iPhone. 4uKey’s main features are listed below.

  • 4uKey can remove the “iPhone is disabled”  message without needing to remember your password.
  • 4uKey can Remove the “Apple ID is disabled” message.
  • They have a 100% success rate for removing the Remote Management (MDM) login screen locks.
  • 4uKey can Remove the Screen Time Passcode without factory resetting or Data loss on devices running iOS12.2 to 11.3
  • They allow the factory resetting of an iPhone without needing the screen passcode.
  • 4uKey Allows you to turn off the “Find My iPhone” Feature if you don’t have the iCloud account password

What are the Cons of 4uKey?

Like all programs, 4uKey has some limitations. We have listed the 4ukey cons below:

  • For 4ukey to work you must have a computer with iTunes already installed and your computer must be able to automatically detect your iOS device when connected.
  • The Apple ID removal only works for devices where the user has access to the settings menu. 
  • Two-Factor Authentication & the screen passcode must be enabled on a device running iOS 11.4 or later to remove Apple ID by 4uKey. All data will be erased during the process.
  • Some features are limited to certain iOS versions. Namely, the Apple ID removal feature only works on iOS 11 and older versions.
  • For iPhone Passcode unlocking 4uKey will delete all your data and which is unrecoverable unless you made a recent backup in iTunes.

Where to Download Tenorshare 4uKey?

The Tenorshare 4uKey download link can be found directly from the Tenorshare website at www.tenorshare.com. 

Is Tenorshare 4uKey Free?

Tenorshare 4uKey download is not free. It is a paid tool and can only work if you subscribe to one of their licenses.

Does 4uKey Have a Free Trial?

4ukey does advertise a free trial version however it is more of a demo version since it cannot function without purchasing the full license. The 4ukey free trial is not useful except to inform you that it can recognize the presence of your phone. To get it to work you need to pay.

Is It Possible to Crack 4uKey?

The latest version 4ukey crack download has been cracked by the ProToolActive team and is available online along with the keygen and 4ukey Tenorshare registration code 1.3 0.0 cracked license key. Download the 4uKey torrent at your own risk as it may contain unwanted malware. The 4ukey for android free download and 4ukey for android crack version is also available. These days it’s best to be alert when downloading certain torrent files, as there is a chance of getting malware. There are also many websites available that offer hacking software with the 4ukey serial key however you will find the 4ukey licensed email and registration code are often invalid and resulting in a 4ukey network connection failed error upon installation. Most of the 4ukey license key cracks are no longer working.  Make sure to only download from a trusted site and scan for the 4ukey virus beforehand.

How Much does Tenorshare 4uKey Cost?

Tenorshare 4uKey costs vary depending on the version. For the Mac version, the cost starts at $45.95 for a 1-month license and up to $59.95 for a lifetime license. For the 4uKey Windows version the price is cheaper; costing only $35.95 for a 1-month license and $49.95 for a lifetime license. Each license plan includes free upgrades, allows up to 5 devices, and is limited to installation on one computer only. Tenorshare monthly plans typically cost from 72 to 78% of the lifetime plans. It is a marketing ploy to get shoppers to pay more for the lifetime license even if it’s rarely needed. If you do sign up for the monthly plan be careful to cancel your subscription before the end of the 30-day cycle otherwise Tenorshare will continue to bill you this full amount every month indefinitely.

Does 4ukey Really Work?

When used correctly and for the right use case scenario then 4ukey does work as intended, which is to unlock the device from its password and to remove the Apple ID account.  However, it may or may not work for you depending on your situation.  You should read all the requirements and fine print carefully before deciding to buy it as consumer reports from a Tenorshare 4ukey review discussed their questionable business practices.

It may be that your device is not supported or your issue is not identical to what 4ukey covers, in that case, the tool will not work for you, and also you will not be refunded. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee but it is conditional that the customer understands the product’s functions and the product was ordered for the correct use case. The refunds are not processed if the customer is unwilling to cooperate with Tenorshare Support.

In Which Devices Can 4uKey be Used?

Tenorshare 4uKey works on all iOS-based devices including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

1. iPhone: 

The iPhone is Apple’s flagship smartphone. The latest iPhone 13 is expected to run on iOS 15 when it is released in September 2021. Presently the 4uKey for iPhone software is compatible with all iPhone models; namely the original iPhone up to the iPhone 12 Pro max. 

2. iPad:

Apple Inc.’s iPad is a series of tablet computers that run the iOS and iPadOS mobile operating systems. 4ukey is compatible with all iPad models including the most current iPad model; the eighth-generation iPad.

3. iPod Touch:

The iPod Touch is essentially a smaller and lighter version of the iPhone that lacks a cellular connection. It was first advertised as a music player and a portable gaming device, but it can also function as a digital camera, a web browser, and a messaging device. 4ukey is compatible with all iPod touch models.

Is 4uKey Safe?

The 4ukey software is safe however users should be aware of Tenorshare’s dodgy business practices. Read the complete 4ukey terms of service and the product description carefully before purchasing.  Tenorshare is known for automatically renewing monthly subscription services without being told about it or having the ability to cancel them.  Their ‘policy states that there will be no refunds after 30 days. According to a Tenorshare 4ukey review even within the 30-day window refund requests are often denied due to technical reasons. Make sure to understand the product that you are buying or else you may feel cheated or ripped off by 4uKey. 

Does 4uKey Erase Data?

Using the 4uKey tool to remove the Apple ID on your iPhone will cause Data loss for devices running iOS 11.4 or newer. For the older iOS versions from 10.2 to 11.3, it is possible to remove the Apple ID using 4ukey without data loss.  If you had recently done a backup of your Data using iTunes then it is possible to recover the Data using the restore from the backup option found in iTunes. However, if you do not have a backup then the lost data is unrecoverable when you remove the iPhone passcode using 4uKey.

How to Use Tenorshare 4uKey

Tenorshare 4uKey can be used on any computer using Windows or OSX operating systems. Here is a list of steps on How to use Tenorshare 4ukey correctly:

  • An original lightning to USB cable is required or USB-C to Lightning Cable if you are using a Macbook.  
  • Install Tenorshare 4uKey on your computer by opening the 4ukey exe file on Windows or the DMG file on Mac.
  • Open and run the 4uKey program
  • Connect your phone to your computer.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts that will appear on your computer screen. 
  • Click either the Unlock lock screen passcode or the remove Apple ID option. 
  • Wait for the operation to complete.
  • Disconnect your device when prompted. 
  • Now you can proceed to uninstall the 4uKey  program from your PC and cancel your monthly subscription if applicable.

Can Tenorshare 4uKey Unlock Apple ID?

Yes, Tenorshare u4Key is capable of removing or unlocking an Apple ID successfully with some limitations and under certain conditions. 4uKey can unlock Apple ID only under these conditions:

  • Find my iPhone is turned off
  • Below iOS 11.4 you must have access to the menu screen.
  • iOS 11.2 or older you must have access to the menu screen and have set up a screen lock password and two-factor authentication

If you are not able to access your device then it is not supported under the 4uKey software and you will not be able to unlock the Apple ID using 4ukey.

What are the Alternatives of 4uKey:

If you are not comfortable buying Tenorshare’s 4uKey product you can check out several similar products made by other companies. There are generally 2 types of companies offering such tools. Companies that overcharge, have shady business practices and prey on retail customers who have very little technical knowledge. Then there is less known tools with a little advertising budget and exposure but who offer a better product and are often used by resellers and professional unlock companies. 3u.com, iActivate.host, Minacriss, iTao, and iRemove are the lesser-known but reliable options. Where iMyfone.com, Dr.Fone, ApowerUnlock, UkeySoft, and iTool lab are very similar to 4uKey in terms of product and business practices.  Here is a list of all the 4uKey alternative services:

  • 3u.com: 3uTools, a jailbreak tool for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch offers two methods of jailbreaking: Easy Mode and Professional Mode
  • iActivate.host: With the iActivate tool, you can bypass MDM lock and remove iOS MDM Configuration Profile from iPhone, iPad as long as “Find my iPhone” is disabled
  • Minacriss.org: Activator tool to remove/unlock/bypass iCloud for MEID & GSM devices Full Signal Support For iPhone 5s and 12 Pro
  • Itao.info: iTao lets you manage iPhone and iPad hardware and software. Only MAC OS 10.13.x is supported by the Tool
  • Iremove.tools:  iremove software powered by iRemove Dev Team allows you to bypass the iCloud Activation Lock Screen for iPhones & iPads running on iOS 12.3 up to iOS 14.7.Itoolab.com: The Itoolab Software company provides various tools to repair and unlock iOS systems, spoof iOS location data,
  • Imyfone.com: it helps people restore data or fix iOS issues from iPhone, iPad, iPod touch by iMyFone lockwiper 
  • Anyunlock – iPhone Password Unlocker from iMobie.com: Apple ID, iPhone lock screen, iTunes backup password, and Screen Time passcode are all unlocked with Anyunlock.. Additionally, you can look at all the passwords stored on your iOS device and export them to password managers.
  • Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock (iOS): Yet another passcode cracking app for iPhone is called the “Wondershare Dr.fone – Unlock” (iOS) software. With this amazing tool you can easily recover lost or forgotten iPhone passcodes. It also supports other great features that make it an efficient and effective tool for fixing many iPhone problems.
  • ApowerUnlock: Apple ID removal tool ApowerUnlock removes Apple IDs or unlocks iOS devices stuck on the lock screen, such as an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. It has a simple interface and is easy to use.
  • UkeySoft Unlocker: With UkeySoft Unlocker(Windows) you can remove the Apple ID from iPhone/ iPad without a password. After unlocking the Apple ID on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you can log in to a different Apple ID or create a new one.
  • iToolab: UnlockGo by iToolab lets you bypass the passcode on your iPhone and gain full access to it. 

What are the Other Ways to Bypass an iPhone Login?

Here is a list of ways to bypass an iPhone Login:

  • Restoring your device using iTunes: The easy and official way to bypass your iPhone login screen passcode is simply by connecting your iPhone to a computer with iTunes installed. After your iOS device has been detected in iTunes click on Restore device. If you restore from a backup minimal data loss will occur. If you don’t have a backup then you can restore it as a new phone, in this case, all your data will be lost. 
  • Contacting Apple support: If you are the genuine owner and do not have the iCloud account information and want to remove the Apple ID you then you can contact Apple support and answer some security questions where thereafter the Apple Genius can remove or reset the account for you. 
  • Present yourself with the proof of purchase at an Apple store: if you have the original proof of purchase from an Apple store or network provider, you can present this proof of purchase in person at an Apple store and the Apple technician can remove the account for you. 
  • Use an online service:  If you were not the original owner and can’t get the account information that your only other option is using online bypass services such as 4uKey.

That does it for our Tenorshare 4uKey review. In most cases, Tenorshare 4uKey works fine, but it also has a few annoying gimmicks that attempt to fool the user into buying it. That and the strict refund policy and the actual eligibility requirements make us wonder if 4uKey will fulfill most people’s screen unlocking needs.

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