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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Mobile Phone Unlocking is simply the removal of any network or carrier restrictions on your phone allowing your phone to be used with any SIM card worldwide.

  • The main advantage is in the event that you are unhappy with your current provider, you can switch companies anytime and still keep your old phone. Also, many people unlock their phone before travelling because only an unlocked phone will be compatible with foreign SIM cards. Using a foreign SIM will save you on ridiculous roaming fees.

    Having an UNLOCKED phone also increases the value of your phone allowing you to resell it at a premium anytime.

  • Depending on your phone model and original carrier, the time to receive your code varies from 5 minutes to several days. Specifics about the estimated processing time and other important information is provided before check-out.
    Once an order is submitted, it is processed automatically through our server. It cannot be changed or cancelled until a result has returned. No refunds will be offered if the customer does not consult us before unlocking their device elsewhere. In the rare event that the unlock code is not found, we will refund you within 24 hours. If the unlock code is found but you are having difficulty unlocking your phone, then we require video proof before refunding you.
    Please refer to our TERMS OF SERVICE

    The video requirements for most models are as follows:

    1) Start the phone with an unsupported sim card so that it asks for an unlock code. Make sure we can see the phone starting (booting).

    2) Enter the unlock code provided (make sure it is clearly visible while you enter each digit)

    3) Show the errors that come up after you submit the code.

    4) Return to the home screen.

    5) Dial *#06# on your phone so that the IMEI number can be viewed. Or if IMEI is not visible by dialing *#06#, go to settings and show us the IMEI. 

    6) Upload the video to youtube and email us with the video URL.



phone unlock code imei star pound zero six pound

Keypad Method

  • Most phones have a very simple key-in method to retrieve the IMEI, just enter *#06# and the IMEI will be displayed on your phone. Only include the first 15 digits on our website otherwise your order will come back as invalid, not found or cancelled.

look behind phone battery to get imei unlock code

Battery Method

  • Look in the empty battery slot for a label with the IMEI. It should be 15 digits or more, maybe also including comma, dot or slashes but should not contain any letters. Only the first 15 digits are needed , only include the first 15 digits on our website otherwise your order will come back as invalid, not found or cancelled.

  • Authorized Sim Card and Unauthorized sim card can also be referred to as a Supported and an Unsupported sim card.

    If your phone can't work with that sim card then it is considered as unsupported or an unauthorized sim card for your phone.

    What is an Authorized Sim Card?
    Authorized Sim Card is a Sim Card that comes with the original phone. Example: A Bell Sim Card is an Authorized Sim Card for a Bell Phone.

    What is an Unauthorized Sim Card?
    Unauthorized Sim Card is a Sim Card that does NOT come with the original phone. Example: A Telus Sim Card is an Unauthorized Sim Card for a Bell phone.

    Some phones also have more then one authorized company. For example: Some Rogers phones will have both Chatr, Fido and Rogers as authorized sim cards. In this example: An unauthorized sim card would be any SIM card from a different company besides the 3 mentioned (Chatr, Fido and Rogers). Some phones are locked only to Rogers, and some are locked to all 3. So all 3 companies would be considered an authorized sim card for this phone, and a SIM from any other company would be considered an unauthorized sim card. Other situations in Canada where sim cards may be inter-compatible are:

    Telus with Koodo and Public Mobile.

    Bell with Virgin and Solo.

    This is not always the case but it is best when you need to insert an unauthorized sim card (for unlocking) that you use a SIM card from a company that are not subsidiaries of each other ( the carrier is not owned by the same company). Rogers owns Fido and Chatr / Bell owns Virgin and Solo / Telus owns Koodo and Public Mobile. Often you can switch between these carriers without having to unlock your phone but this is not always the case.

  • Don't ever buy a used phone if it has been reported stolen, is blacklisted or activation locked because no carrier in Canada or USA will activate it for you. Check the following page to see Free IMEI checkers and Blacklist status in Canada: