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Free Unlock Code:


Unlock your Phone for FREE to any GSM Network

Leave a Review, positive comments and / or Sharing on Social Media and we will give you your unlock code for Free, 50% OFF or %25 OFF depending on your Model and carrier (newer phones only)

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Free Unlock

That’s right! For a limited time, unlock your phone for FREE! (Newer Models Only) or 50% OFF

*Please ask us first which models qualify for 100% or 50% off the original price. is offering a limited time promotion where you can unlock your phone absolutely FREE! or 50% off!

We are looking for people to help us make instructional videos on These videos will consist of how to order the unlock code, receive the unlock code by email and then entering the code we provide into your phone.

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How it works:

1. Email us at [email protected], and tell us your phone model, and the network it is locked to. (Not all models will be eligible)

2. We will email you back if your model and network is eligible for this promotion. You will then need to initially place your order.

3. Once you receive your unlock code via email, you will need to CLEARLY film the process of:

– Going to, finding your IMEI number, selecting the model and network of your phone and finally placing your order. (Please do not show your name or payment information in the video).

– Receiving an email with the unlock code and instructions.

– Inputting the unlock code sent or unlocking it via itunes (iPhone) to you by email into your phone.

– Showing that your phone is in fact now unlocked.

4. Once you are done filming, upload the video to and send us the link.

THAT’S IT! We will reimburse the amount which was agreed to


*IMPORTANT : Video Format is the following:

*Remember, the video MUST BE CLEAR. The format of the video should be like the following example:

Title: “How to unlock a Samsung S5 (your phone model) from Bell (network your phone is locked to)

Video description:

This is an example of how to get unlock your Samsung S5 from Bell. I got my unlock code from (Link on the website where you placed your order). To input the unlock code you: 1. Input a non accepted simcard into the phone. 2. The phone will ask you to enter the unlock code. 3. Enter the unlock code. Your phone is now unlocked. Thats it! Thanks!

*Please include the link where you purchased your code from, for example:

iPhone –
Home page –
How to Unlock –
unlock code -