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Why use an IMEI checker

An IMEI check service is used to find certain information about your phone. When being a phone, you should get the IMEI number from the seller so you can check it's history, an IMEI check service can tell you whether it's network unlocked, what is the original carrier and if it is blacklisted. A blacklisted phone is when the IMEI has been reported as lost or stolen. If it is blacklisted then it wont work on many carriers, especially if it is blacklisted in the country you want to use it in. An IMEI checker will display certain info about your phone such as the locked carrier, the serial number, the purchase date, warranty history and whether it is clean or blacklisted. Always be sure to get the phones IMEI if you're buying a used phone online.

Exactly what is an IMEI ?

IMEI is a term you may have heard before but might not of understood what it means exactly. Simply put, the IMEI is like the serial number, but it is used by cell phone companies specifically to track the status of your Phone and with this number your carrier decides whether to allow this phone on their network or not.

It is a unique number assigned to smart phones. Every produced phone  gets a special 15-digit (GSM) or 16 digit (CDMA) identifier code known as an IMEI number for GSM phones, and MEID number for CDMA phones.

How to find  the IMEI?

For iPhones there is a few methods:

Go to Settings -> General -> About and scroll down to the bottom.
For Most phones, the simplest method is to dial * # 06 # and your IMEI will pop up automatically on the screen.
This is the most reliable method for getting the true IMEI number, as numbers on boxes or printed on the phone can be altered whereas the settings will always show the true IMEI number.
On the back *: The IMEI number is printed straight on the back of some Phones or on the SIM card tray. You'll discover it in the small print near the bottom and it's normally among the last numbers.

Since the backplate or SIM tray of a phone can be changed, be sure to double check this number with the number in the settings.

Exactly what is an IMEI number used for?


The IMEI was  created so that it is very hard to change. Having an IMEI number has actually been important in curbing cellphone thefts around the globe. The IMEI makes it easier for the network provider to blacklist phones remotely.

Wireless providers use the IMEI number to track phones to make sure that they are authorised to use their network and likewise they can track which stolen phones are blocked from their network.

If you ever want your provider to unlock your phone then they would also need the IMEI number to generate the SIM NETWORK UNLOCK PIN for your specific device. Only network providers have the ability to add or remove phones from the blacklist. Stolen phones would need to be gone back to the appropriate owner in order to get rid of the phone from the blacklist or proof of purchase and original sales receipt where the phone was bought [when brand new] has to be provided to the carrier before they will consider removing it from the blacklist. If a receipt is not possible then your name as to be on the account when you bought the phone and you should be able to show valid identification to prove that you are the original owner.

Also, if you ever call Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola or another manufacturers support centre, they will always ask for IMEI number in order to recognize it.
Exactly what to do if the IMEI is blacklisted?

You used an IMEI checker and it told you the Phone is blacklisted , Now what?

If you were planning to buy this phone, then here is your warning sign not to buy it, don't take the chance even if the seller tries to reassure you. A blacklisted IMEI means the phone has been reported lost or stolen and because of that you won't be able to use the phone on almost any provider.

If you do end up stuck with a phone that is on the national blacklist, calling the network provider is your best option for getting it back into the hands the real owner. If all else fails and you can't return the phone, then now the phone is either good for parts or you can do some research to see which countries do not have this phone on their blacklist and use it [or sell it] over there.


What is Activation Lock

If you are inspecting the IMEI of an iPhone you might also want to use the Apple Activation Lock Status checker. If a device is locked by Apple's Activation Lock feature [which was released in 2013 with iOS 7], our service can also help you to  figure that out.

If Activation Lock is turned ON, on that device,  then you can check our database using your IMEI number and we can confirm that. If it is, the device is either stolen, or you will have to get in touch with the previous owner to turn it off.



Verify that the phone's IMEI number is "CLEAN" meaning that it is not blacklisted.
Check if the phone has been reported as lost or stolen anywhere in the world.
Phone can be marked as blacklist but the carrier even if you have not payed your bills.

How to find your IMEI number?

Key in * # 0 6 # on your phone dialer and the number will pop up on the screen automatically

If your phone was not found or you are looking for additional information use one of our paid IMEI checkers Above instead, or contact us directly.

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