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Instructions on How to Clean a Phone with a Bad IMEI

If your device is reported stolen then it will not work on any Networks in your country. (even if it is network unlocked)

To clean this Blacklist status to get your phone working on the network again Order the Service in the Menu at the top of this page.

If your iPhone is iCloud locked (Activation locked) then you still will not be able to access the phone even after cleaning the IMEI number.

What do I need to know BEFORE using an IMEI Cleaning Service:

  1. Find out Which Carrier actually reported it stolen (order our service called: Blacklist Checker Pro)
  2. If you want to use it on a different Network after cleaning it, then Check if it is already Network Unlocked or Activation locked (iCloud locked)

Is it Legal to clean an IMEI number?

IMEI cleaning is considered a gray area as there is no explicit laws prohibiting the Fixing or Cleaning IMEI numbers however it is always possible that laws can be changed. It is the customer's responsibility to check their local laws. If you are unsure of the updated laws and regulations where you live regarding IMEI cleaning then please check with your local law enforcement office or consult your state laws.
If you can't prove the original ownership you're carrier may not want you to get your phone's IMEI status cleaned!

If you bought the phone second-hand or got it from a friend then you may not  be sure If  your device needs to be cleaned or not. The simple way to find out is to order our Blacklist Check service. Our Blacklist Checker will tell you which carrier reported it. You will need to know this to be able to order the correct cleaning service from us.

One of the tell tale signs that your phone is blacklisted is every time you insert a SIM card it keeps searching for the network or won't connect to any network. if it does not work with a SIM card from any carrier even though the phone is network unlocked, this usually means the phone is blacklisted.  You are better off spending a dollar or two and purchasing a Blacklist Checker, just to be sure.

If you discover that it definitely is locked, and not blacklisted then we can help you network unlock it also .


How does a phone's IMEI number get Blacklisted?

A phone's IMEI number gets blacklisted when the owner calls their carrier and reports the phone as either lost or stolen. Sometimes we later find this lost phone and need to get it cleaned, or the thief sells the phone online and we need to clean the IMEI number in order to be able use it again. Another common way that phone's end up on the blacklist is through insurance scams. Buyers pay for insurance on the phone protecting it against theft or accidental damage. They end up selling their phone and the insurance company gives them a brand new phone for free. Once the deal is done the seller reports it as lost or stolen so that they can claim their brand new free phone from the insurance company. The buyer of the second hand phone gets the short end of the deal and gets stuck with a phone that is blacklisted and will not work on any network.


How to Tell if your Phone is Blacklisted?

  1. Insert a SIM card into your phone
  2. Make sure you are in a good network coverage area.
  3. Your phone does not connect to any network
  4. Your Phone is continuously searching for a signal even though you know there is a strong signal where you are
*If the above is true then most probably your Phone's IMEI number has been blacklisted.

Troubleshooting your Network Connectivity Issues

  1. Do a factory reset.
  2. Remove your SIM card and the Re-insert it
  3. Power off your phone for 60 seconds and then turn it back on.
  4. Turn On Airplane mode for 15 seconds and then turn Off airplane mode
  5. If you are in a basement or poor coverage area go outside to an elevated area that is known to have good signal
  6. Make sure your SIM card has been activated
  7. Go to your Network settings and Swtich from CDMA Mode to GSM mode and vice-versa (if this option is available)
  8. Call your carrier to see if your IMEI needs to be registered with them. (This is common for some CDMA carriers)
  9. Order a Blacklist Check service
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How to Unblacklist a Phone

In order to unblacklist a phone you need to be able to prove proof of ownership to the carrier that had the phone put on the blacklist. We understand that this is not always possible, so alternatively you can place an order on our website and we can prove to the carrier that this phone is not lost or stolen. It usually takes a few days and then the IMEI will be removed from the blacklist.
Once this is done succesfully simply restart your phone and you will notice that it is able to connect to the network again.

Know the difference between IMEI Cleaning and IMEI repair services:

We offer 2 different types of Blacklist removal services. 

One is an official IMEI Cleaning service where we remove your IMEI from the GSMA blacklist database, your phone will keep the same IMEI number and all models and brands are supported. This service goes according to the Carrier that reported your phone.

 The second service is a IMEI repair service where we will physically change your phones IMEI number and create a new IMEI number that is not reported.   For IMEI repairing only some models are supported and it doesn't matter which carrier reported it.


About the IMEI repair service:

it is  a remote service meaning we will connect to your Windows Computer remotely (Mac OSX is not supported at this time). 

You will need to plug in your phone into your computer and give us access.  Once we are connected to your computer we will run software on your computer and change the IMEI number on your phone.

With this service, we will change the IMEI number of your phone.  The new IMEI number will not be blacklisted therefore you will be able to use your phone again.


What you will need for the IMEI repair service:

  • PC with Windows XP or above  (Mac not supported)
  • Stable Internet Connection with a  Minimum speed is 3Mbps
  • Original Samsung USB cable compatible with your Phone. 
  • Software Download
  • Patience and cooperation


Models Supported for IMEI repair services:

Samsung NOTE 20 ULTRA N986U / N981U

Samsung A10 ,A20 ,A30,A50 [ A102U, A205U,A305U ,A505U]


Samsung JDM CPU NOW SUPPORTED / A01 , A11 , A21/

Samsung NOTE 20 ULTRA N986U / N981U

Samsung NOTE 8 N950U

Samsung NOTE 9 / N960U

Samsung S10,S10E, S 10 PLUS, S 10 5G , NOTE 10 ,NOTE 10 PLUS ,NOTE 10 PLUS 5G [N970U, N975U, N977U ,N976V,N976U]

Samsung S20 S20 PLUS S20 ULTRA [G980U G981U G986U ]

Samsung S7 / S7 EDGE /G930U/G935U

Samsung S8/S8 PLUS G950U/G955U

Samsung S9 / S9 PLUS G960U/G965U



Make sure the Model number is compatible and you select the correct service from the menu above.


Order IMEI cleaning Service for:


Verizon IMEI

Sprint IMEI



T-Mobile/ EE / Orange UK IMEI

Mexico AT&T IMEI

IMEI repair for Samsung S10/Note10/ FOLD/S20

IMEI repair for Samsung A10/A20/A30/A50

IMEI repair for Samsung Note8/Note9/S7/S8/S9

IMEI repair for Samsung NOTE 20 ULTRA

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