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Unlock SIM Chip VS Factory IMEI Unlock


How To Unlock iPhone: Using a SIM CHIP Interposer [How To]


Comparing the Different Methods To Unlock An iPhone

Factory IMEI Unlock:

The first method for unlocking your iPhone is a Factory unlock by IMEI which is done when the request from your carrier or a 3rd party unlocker such as CANADA UNLOCKING, is made to Apple who then marks your iPhone as Unlocked in the Apple Database. This is probably the best solution as it is an official unlock from Apple however for some Carriers it is either very expensive or unlocking is not available at all.  This method of unlocking the iPhone will run you anywhere from $50 to $200. When you Factory unlock your iPhone by IMEI method it is unlocked  forever and you can update to new iOS versions, without worrying whether it will affect your unlock or not. IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity and it is a string of numbers which Apple uses to categorize iPhone’s as locked or unlocked.

iPhone Unlock Chip Method (using a Sim Chip Interposer):

how to insert iphone sim chip

The iPhone Unlock Chip Method of unlocking an iPhone involves purchasing a passthrough card or SIM interposer. You purchase one of these special passthrough cards that essentially sits on top of your SIM card.  In order to maintain this sort of unlock you must always keep the card between your SIM card and SIM card tray. This method of unlocking has become more popular because our new Unlock Chip now  supports the latest iOS versions, functions perfectly, it is  less expensive and  you can always use this same chip on other iPhones.  For example if in the future you buy a new iPhone or get your iPhone replaced by Apple then you can remove the CHIP from your old phone and place it into your new phone easily.  Some older Sim Chips were known to have issues, meaning they would suddenly stop working or they would not support all of Apples features such as iMessage etc.  CanadaUnlocking.com is happy to have released the latest iPhone Sim Chip which works with all iOS verisons up to iOS 10.3. It is the smallest and most powerful unlock chip to date, it has been rigorously tested and has proven to be the most reliable chip ever made.  To put our money where our mouth is, we are also offering a 12 month replacement warranty on them. Also it supports all of the iPhones great features such as iMessage.  To date there is no noticeable difference in features between our sim chip and a Factory unlock by IMEI. There is a strong possibility that future iOS updates will be supported under the chip however it is not guaranteed

how to unlock iphone sim


Which iPhone Unlocking Method To Choose?

Essentially you have two options when it comes to unlocking your iPhone.

  1. Sim Unlock Chip (Passthrough Card/SIM Interposer)
  2. Factory Unlock (Unlock by IMEI)
The iPhone Unlock Chip Method (The Passthrough card/SIM Interposer) is indeed recommended because it is cheaper, & it can be used on other iPhones as well, however keep in mind we can't guarantee compatibility with future iOS updates.
Get Started:

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If you have chosen the SIM Unlock Chip then place your order on the botton of this page.  

Please note, that the chip will be physically mailed by Canada Post to your confirmed paypal or credit card billing address. Typically, the card is mailed out within 48 hours, and depending on where you live it should arrive by regular mail (Canada Post)  within 2-4 days.  Rural areas make take a little longer.

Order iPhone Unlock Chip:

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Step 2: Enter Your IMEI

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Upgrades/Updates Compatibility Checker:


As of Today,  all iOS versions are compatible up to iOS 10.3.2


Since we do not know for sure if later iOS updates will have increased security which will prevent our iPhone SIM Unlock Chip from working, we advise you to check this page before updating your iOS or RESTORING your iPhone in iTunes.  If we have listed it as not compatible, please wait to update your iPhone or risk losing your unlock.  We will not refund the product if you are not on the correct iOS.  


Regular Updates

Thinking about upgrading your phones iOS? Make sure your the latest iOS is compatible first


Switch SIM Cards

Do you want to switch sim cards? Make sure your the latest iOS is compatible first. 


Factory Reset / Restore

Do you need to reset your settings?  Make sure your the latest iOS is compatible first


Every customer should know that an iOS update, switching SIM cards or Factory Reset/ Restore  can make your unlock no longer work only if there is an incompatible future iOS update. There is no refunds for iOS updates.  Installing aftermarket equipment on your iPhone will void your warranty. Make sure to remove the unlock chip before presenting your iPhone to an Apple certified technician or otherwise you risk losing your Apple Warranty.