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How to tell if your phone is unlocked or locked to a carrier?


Is there a way to know if my phone is unlocked?

Mobile operators want your business, and they don't want to lose it. Many providers offer extravagant offers and discounts on mobile phones so you can sign up for their plans - and "locking" these phones is their insurance policy to keep you from using a competitor's service once you've secured that big deal on your device.


What does it mean to unlock a phone?

A locked mobile phone is exactly what it sounds like: software keeps it locked in a single carrier (like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Cricket, Boost, Straight Talk, etc.). One reason for this practice is that it protects the carrier from theft and unpaid contracts. It also binds the phone to the service provider where it was purchased. When this device is unlocked, this software is removed and the phone can be used on other networks.

So how do I know if my phone is locked?


If you have signed up for a payment plan to receive your new phone, it is likely to be locked. However, if your phone has been paid in full, especially directly to a retailer such as the Apple Retail Store, it may be unlocked. The FCC requires each carrier to clearly disclose its unlocking policy on its website. Conditions and eligibility requirements may vary from provider to provider, but usually involve the fulfillment of payment plans and/or service contracts (an early termination fee may be charged if the contract is shortened).


Is my iPhone unlocked?

Navigate to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data.

If you see the cellular data options as a category, your phone is probably unlocked.




Alternatively, insert a sim card from a different carrier into your iPhone.

If you get the SIM NOT SUPPORTED message it means your iPhone is network locked.



Check if an iPhone is unlocked in iOS 14

The location of this information can now be found under the settings of your device.

Here's what to do if you're using an iPhone or iPad on iOS 14 or newer. :

  1. Open the Settings app.

  2. Tap General, then tap About.

  3. Scroll down until you see Carrier Lock or Network Provider Lock.

  4. Confirm that you see No SIM restrictions.

"No SIM restrictions" means that the iPhone or iPad you're using is unlocked, and will work with any SIM card. If you see anything else in this box, it indicates that the device is locked to a certain carrier.

Is my Android phone unlocked?

Navigate to Settings > Connections > Mobile networks > Network operator.

If a network such as "Verizon" or "T-Mobile" is displayed under Network Operator, your phone may be unlocked.

These methods are simple, but may not provide conclusive proof. For further confirmation, replace your SIM card with a SIM card from another carrier. Make a phone call - if you get a connection and are successfully able to make a call it means your phone is indeed unlocked.

If in doubt, contact your service provider or order our carrier check service by IMEI.



Don’t have a SIM card?

Here is How to check if the Phone is unlocked without a SIM card?

Simply use our Online IMEI Check service that will check the database for the current lock status. Order your lock/unlock report!


How to unlock a phone for any service provider

If you have purchased your mobile phone by installment, you must first pay for it in full before you can take the steps to unlock it. Once you have reached this milestone - hats off! - follow the required steps to unlock your Apple iPhone or Android smartphone


AT&T Phone Unlock Request:
Your phone must first meet the AT&T eligibility requirements, including (but not limited to) the following:

May not be reported as lost, stolen, or suspected of fraudulent activity.
Completed contract or installment plan
The device is not active on another account
The service must have been active for at least 60 days and must not have an overdue or unpaid balance.


To submit your AT&T phone activation request


Visit then enter in your imei number and phone number
Read and agree to the conditions > Fill in and submit the form
You will then receive a confirmation e-mail with the activation request number. Click on the email link within 24 hours of receipt to confirm (if you do not do so within this period, the request will be canceled)
AT&T will reply within two working days to inform you of the status of your activation request. If the request is approved, you will get instructions on how to unlock your device and insert a new SIM card.

Verizon phone unlock request:

According to the Verizon Unlocking Policy, all Verizon phones should be typically unlocked automatically after 60 days from the date of purchase or activation. After 60 days, the device will automatically unlock and will never be locked again.


Request to unlock T-Mobile phones:

Your phone must first meet the T-Mobile authorization requirements , including (but not limited to) the following conditions:

Must be a T-Mobile device
May not be reported as lost, stolen, suspected of fraudulent activities or blocked by T-Mobile. If you device is not paid off in full and you need the phone unlocked for travelling then T-Mobile will offer a temporary unlock. Most T-Mobile phones need to be unlocked using the T-Mobile unlock app.


Request to unlock the Cricket phone:

Your phone must first meet the Cricket wireless Eligibility requirements for unlocking, including (but not limited to) the following conditions:

The device is intended for use on Cricket's network and is blocked for this network.
Must not be reported as lost or stolen
Device is not connected to a fraudulent account
Must have been used on a paid service for at least 6 months
If your device meets these requirements, you can log in to your account to unlock your phone or contact customer service.


Request to unlock a Sprint phone:

Your phone must first meet the Sprint Eligibility requirements for unlocking, including (but not limited to) the following:

The device is intended for use on Sprint's network and is blocked for this network.
Must not be reported as lost or stolen
Device is not connected to a fraudulent account
Must have been used on a paid service for at least 6 months
If your device meets these requirements, you can log in to your account to unlock your phone or contact customer service.



Does an unlocked phone work with any provider?

Possibly, yes. But be warned, it's possible that a device made to work with one provider may not be technologically compatible with another provider's network. Carriers use different frequencies and technologies to provide access to their network, so each phone is designed to operate at peak performance on that network. An unlocked phone simply disables the software that prevents it from changing providers. There is a chance that your phone may not operate at peak performance after the change. For this reason, most providers include a disclaimer on their websites.


Can a provider lock your unlocked phone?

Once a phone is unlocked, the operator will not lock it again.


Why you should unlock your phone before selling it:

Before pricing your device, it might be worth getting your iPhone or iPad unlocked. This way you can more easily attract potential buyers by marketing to them with their carrier in mind.




Select the Network that your Phone is Locked to now:


Do you want to Change Service Providers? 

Network Unlocking your phone allows you to change your service provider but keep your same phone, saving you lots of money!
We will network unlock your phone even if it's still in contract, on a corporate plan or even when your current carrier refuses!


Need Your Phone While Travelling?

Some network carriers will only unlock your phone temporarily for travel or make you buy a special plan.
When you use our network unlock service, your phone will be unlocked forever.
You will no longer be stuck using Wi-Fi only and you can Save on roaming charges wherever you go!

To unlock an Phone device:

Follow these steps-

  1. Dial *#06# on your Phone phone as if you were making a phone call. Get your IMEI number and enter it on the website here to place an order

  2. Get IMEI

  3. Use a paper clip to remove your old sim card and insert the new SIM card into your locked Phone phone

  4. Get SIM

  5. Your Phone Phone will prompt automatically for a SIM Network Unlock PIN. If not then DIAL*#*#4669*###**, select the first menu item and Enter the 24 digit Alphanumeric Network Unlock Code provided by us.

  6. Your Phone Phone is now unlocked successfully if the code is accepted

  7. enter code

cellular unlock

About Phone Phone Sim Lock

A network lock, SIM lock, simlock, carrier lock or (master) subsidy lock are terms used to represent the technical restriction that is built into some Phone phones during the manufacturing process. This restriction allows Phone to restrict usage of these phones to specific countries and/or networks. Although some phones can be unlocked OTA (over-the-air) however most phones require a sim network unlock pin Phone . The opposite of this is a phone called SIM-free, Network unlocked or Factory Unlocked. A Network Unlocked Phone phone does not  impose any type of SIM restrictions, meaning that you can use your Phone phone on any compatible network in the world.

Phones can be locked to accept only SIM cards with certain International Mobile Subscriber Identities (IMSIs); International Mobile Subscriber Identities can be restricted by either:

Mobile country code (MCC; e.g., will only work with SIM issued within one country)  or Mobile network code (MNC; e.g., AT&T Mobility, T-Mobile, Rogers, Cricket, Koodo, Fido, Wind, Telus, Claro, Movistar, Docomo, Vodafone, Bell Mobility, Tesco, O2, EE etc.)

source: wikipedia


What do i need to know BEFORE Network Unlocking a Phone Phone:

  1. Make sure to Check That the IMEI is not stolen or Blacklisted (it won't work on any network in North America if it is reported stolen, even if it is network unlocked)
  2. Make sure it is not  ROOTED  or Activation locked
  3. Make sure it asks for a SIM Network Unlock Pin automatically when you insert a SIM card from a different network.
  4. Make sure your phone is not Hard locked which means someone entered the incorrect code too many times. If it is a brand new phone or you have never tried to unlock it before then there is nothing to worry about.

* Only if the above is resolved, can you can safety proceed to order the phone lock removal service for Phone.

If you bought the Phone second-hand or got it from a friend then you may not  be sure If  your Phone is locked or not,  the  simple way to find out is to pop in a SIMcard from a different Network. If it's locked, then the Phone won't work on that network.  If it works then you can be sure that the Phone is unlocked and not blacklisted.

However if it does not work with a SIMcard from a different carrier, this can also mean that it is blacklisted.  You are better off spending a dollar or two and purchasing a IMEI Check service , just to be sure.

If you discover that it definitely is locked, and not blacklisted then we can help you network unlock it.

Is it Legal to Unlock a Phone phone?

Unlocking your Phone device is not only completely legal in most Countries but it is also your right as a consumer. If you are still financing the phone through your carrier then technically they still own the phone until you pay it off completely. In that case your carrier may not want you to unlock it for they fear you will run away to another carrier without actually paying the remaining balance owed on your Phone phone!

Since laws differ from Country to Country and there are new changes often we cannot provide legal advice regarding Phone unlocking. In the USA, Cell Phone Unlocking became legal on August 1st, 2014 when Obama signed a bill into law allowing consumers to unlock their cell phones.

To find the latest information about your countries consumer protection laws relating to cell phone locking please visit these pages: CRTC in Canada , the ACCC in Australia, the European Electronic Communications Code (EECC) in Europe and the FCC is the USA.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Phone mobile phone unlocking also called Network Unlocking, Sim unlock and Phone Unlocking. It is simply the removal of any network or carrier restrictions on your Android phone allowing your phone to be used with any compatible SIM cards worldwide. This is not custom roms, Android rooting, unlock bootloader, blacklist removal, sim card pin, screen personal passcode or icloud unlock service. If you are interested in those services please contact us for details.

  • Yes most Phone phones on GSM networks can be unlocked by inserting a 8 to 16 digit sim network unlock pin. Phone phones on CDMA networks do not accept codes and usually cannot be unlocked except for by remote service.

  • The pricing will vary depending on the Model and Network your Phone phone is locked to. Select the Country and service from the order form and you will see the pricing for your device on the following page. offers a lowest price Guarantee!

phone unlock code imei star pound zero six pound

Keypad Method

  • Most Phone phones have a very simple key-in method to retrieve the IMEI, just enter *#06# and the IMEI will be displayed on your phone. Only include the first 15 digits on our website otherwise your order will come back as invalid, not found or cancelled.

look behind phone battery to get imei unlock code

Battery Method

  • Look in the empty battery slot for a label with the IMEI. It should be 15 digits or more, maybe also including comma, dot or slashes but should not contain any letters. Only the first 15 digits are needed , only include the first 15 digits on our website otherwise your order will come back as invalid, not found or cancelled.

  • Depending on the network that it is locked to and the model number the time it takes to obtain the code may vary. The unlock code is usually obtained within 24 business hours, although there are cases where this could take longer. Other times, the code is provided in less than 15 minutes. For more details on processing times, See Here.