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In a situation where a code cannot be calculated or found for your mobile device, a refund will be issued 100% and returned to your credit card or paypal account.  
99% of the time a code will be found and will unlock your device flawlessly. In there rare instance the unlock doesn’t work and we insist the unlock code is correct, video proof will be required of you:
1. Pressing *#06# clearly showing the IMEI number of your device
2. Inputting the unlock code provided in our device
3. Some devices have special requirements in the video. (Such as showing the Phone booting / starting)
*For the Video refund, you MUST contact us first, as different devices have different video requirements. If these requirements are not met, our suppliers with whom we work with may refuse a refund

No refunds will be given if:

1. Any information about the order provided is incorrect. (Examples are as following and are Not limited to; the IMEI number, model, network of the phone, email address, and/or other relevant device information requested)
2. The phone is hardlocked, meaning an incorrect unlock was previously used in an attempt to unlock the phone. This can permanently diminished the amount of tries left to input the correct code. Most phones will begin with at least 10 attempts to enter the correct code. If you are not sure of your phone’s history please check with us first.
3. No Video is provided, or the video provided did not meet the requirements needed.
4. The unlocking service was obtained else where.
5. Retrieval of the unlock code exceeded our stated average turnaround time. In most instances we are very accurate or even faster with the turnaround times, however there may be contingencies in which causes a delay.
6. Your device was successfully unlocked but the network you wish to use the phone on is not compatible. It is the buyers responsibility to make sure the device you wish to unlock will be compatible with the SIM card and network you are trying use.
7. The unlock code has returned but you do not wish to unlock your phone anymore.
8. The phone was already unlocked prior to placing this order, or if this phone was previously Hardlocked (0 attempts left to input the code) prior to placing this order.

If you have an error with the code or are unsure about unlocking your device please contact us immediately for support as our main goal is to unlock your device.
We will refund within 24 hours normally but please allow from 1-7 days for the refund to show up on your account.



Please send us an email and allow up to 24 hours for a reply. For customer service issues, show common courtesy to email us and give us a chance to resolve it. Under no circumstances open a  complaint or chargeback otherwise you will be banned from our website and risk having your IMEI banned as well.

Complaints lead to negative ratings and put our business and our partners at risk. Please be courteous enough to contact us first and let us resolve the problem to your satisfaction.





Check your junk mail, or message us on Facebook instead. We always reply to all emails and messages within 24 hours.



if you do not agree to the terms of service, privacy policy and refund policy then please do not order from our website.