Unlock your T-Mobile with the Device Unlock App

Unlock your T-Mobile Phone with the Device Unlock App

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Step 2: Enter Your IMEI

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Device unlock for T-Mobile Explained


T-Mobile Unlock Instructions

There are 3 possible methods to unlock a T-Mobile Android phone with the Device APP installed.   


  1. Calling T-Mobile and paying them to unlock it using the Official T-Mobile APP.  T-Mobile customer service number is 1 505-998-3793

  2. Using a 3rd party service to unlock it using the  Official T-Mobile APP
  3. Using our T-Mobile Unlock APP Bypass Software


how to unlock T-Mobile phone

Using Our T-Mobile Unlock Service we will Network Unlock your T-Mobile Device using the Official T-Mobile Device Unlock APP.

Once we have e-mailed you that our work is completed on our end, you need to open the T-Mobile Device unlock APP and click on Permanent Unlock. Then Restart your phone and the device will be permanently network unlocked.


Detailed Explanation:

1) Calling T-Mobile and paying them to unlock it.   If you have met the terms and conditions of T-Mobile service agreement then you can contact T-Mobile if you need a temporary unlock (when travelling) or a permanent unlock ( when switching carriers permanently).   First you can check the status of the phone to make sure it is a T-Mobile device and it's not reported stolen or has money owing on the account.  You can check this for free here:

If your account is in good standing and you want to proceed to unlock it through T-Mobile then simply call them for further instructions.  T-Mobile customer service number is 1 505-998-3793

2) Using a 3rd party service to unlock it using the T-Mobile APP.  This method is the same as the previous method. You will use the official T-Mobile device unlock APP to unlock the phone but you won't call or pay T-Mobile.  This is especially useful if T-Mobile wants to charge you more money than us or they refuse to unlock it because money is owed to them. Then you can use this service.  It should be noted: If your phone is blacklisted by T-Mobile then we also have a service to remove this Blacklist from their database.  Remember, if you don't remove this blacklist, then even if the phone is network unlocked, no other carrier in North America will allow it on their network.

3) Using our T-Mobile unlock APP bypass sotware: This method is usually the cheapest and FASTEST option and  it works great.  Basically you need to download our white labelled software.  When you download the software and run it on your computer (with WINDOWS) you will need to enter in a username and password.  We will provide you with this username and password once you have paid for the service.   Once the software is running you would simply need to connect your phone with the USB cable that came with the phone to one of the available USB ports on your Windows Computer.  After your phone has been detected, simply press the unlock button on the software and the software will do all the work the unlock your phone.  Once your phone has been unlocked then you can disconnect it from the computer and use it on any compatible network worldwide.  Please note: If the phone is blacklisted it won't work in North America unless you remove the blacklist (we have a service for that too!)   Refer to the bottom of this page for more detailed steps on how to download, open and use the software. No Rooting, No Finger Print Required. Simple plug and play solution to unlock a T-Mobile Android phone . This is a  Permanent Unlocking Solution.

Update: T-Mobile has replaced the unlock APP on some newer phones with a unlock option under the settings called: Network Unlock. It works the same way the Unlock APP would and you can still use our service called T-Mobile Official Unlock APP service for these phones even though technically they don't have the APP as long as you get the "Not Eligible for Unlock" message when your click the Permanent Unlock option. The T-Mobile Galaxy S10 and some newer models have this under the settings as shown in the picture below:

how to unlock T-Mobile phone


T-Mobile Cleaning - Unblacklisting service

If the phone is reported Blocked by T-Mobile USA for unpaid bills or for being reported stolen or lost then you can use our unbarring / unblacklisting service called:


Found here: canadaunlocking.com/imei-checker

How to unlock your device from T-Mobile with the Device Unlock App

Back in 2014, T-Mobile changed the way certain Android smartphones could be unlocked from their network. By pre-installing a Device Unlock App on the phone, T-Mobile customers can now request and apply a mobile device unlock directly from the device.


This is the only way to unlock a Samsung, LG, Alcatel, HTC, Huawei, Kyocera, Motorola, Sony Xperia or ZTE phone from the T-Mobile network with the Device Unlock App. The latest devices don't have the APP anymore but under the phone settings there is an option for network unlock . This works the same way as the App would.

Before proceeding to order the unlock service from us, just make sure to check that the APP is working correctly.  When using the APP it should initially say "Not Eligible for Unlock", if you are getting the messages "Communication Error" or "Server not responding" Please try again later or Error code = 255 " then do not order until you find a way for your phone to communicate properly with the server. 

We have some tips to fix these errors that you can find under troubleshooting steps found near the bottom of this page.

T-Mobile logo

Don't install any device unlock APPs from the Google Play store!

The official T-Mobile Device Unlock APP is not in the Google Play store although there is a lot of look-a-like [fake] apps to be found when searching for 'DEVICE UNLOCK APP'.

The T-Mobile APP comes in the Application folder that is already pre-installed on your phone.   If you can't find this APP then it may be hidden, you can try  searching for it in your app settings.

What if the APP is not found on my phone?

If the APP is still not there, then there is two possible reasons for that.  Either your phone is already unlocked [the APP uninstalls itself after a successful permanent unlock] or the second possible reason for the APP to not be there is that your phone was made before 2015 when T-Mobile was still using unlock codes.  If that is the case, then you need to order an unlock code instead [Message us and we will provide a code instead].  If this is the case then before ordering an unlock code, simply insert a SIM card from a different carrier and make sure the phone asks automatically for a network unlock code.

how to unlock T-Mobile phone

Complete unlock instructions for using the T-Mobile Device Unlock APP:

T-Mobile has eligibility requirements before you can unlock your phone using their APP.  But not to worry, even if you are not eligible according to them we can still unlock your phone using THEIR APP.   All you have to do is submit an order with us.  At the top of this page, you will find the order form. Simple select the service from the list and Click NEXT.

Now that you have ordered you unlock from us wait for our email [usually it takes a few hours.]

Once we have emailed you that your order is completed, then simply Open up the APP on your phone and make sure your phone is connected to WIFI, and then simply click on Permanent Unlock. 

You should get the message: "Unlock Approved: Mobile device is permanently unlocked". 

Now make sure to restart your phone  [this is important]. 

That's it, now your phone needs to reboot and then it is successfully permanently unlocked! Congratulations.




Please verify that you have the Device Unlock app on your device, connect to Wi-Fi and press Permanent Unlock. If you get the message “Unlock Failed" or “Not Eligible for Unlock" then your phone will be unlocked with this service as long as there is no connection errors. update: Do not order if you get Error code = 255. ( no refunds for error code 255). See our troubleshooting steps below to fix these errors.




What if my T-Mobile phone is Blocked for unpaid Bills, will the service work?

If your phone is blocked or blacklisted because it is reported lost or stolen or has unpaid bills then the phone may not work even after successfully unlocking it since carriers in North America are required to refuse service for phones reported as Blacklisted. Before unlocking any phone, please check your IMEI first.


What to do If you are getting the T-Mobile Device Unlock APP message- "UNLOCK FAILED" or "Connection Error"

What to do if the T-Mobile Unlock Fails or you are getting connection errors when using the APP?:
Follow these steps to get it working again:
  1. Turn Wi-Fi off.
  2. Verify you have at least 2 bars of 3G/4G/LTE signal.
  3. Check for app updates, and install them.
  4. Clear the app cache.
If that didn't work, then follow these steps: 
1) backup the device
2) do a complete  factory reset of the device
3) turn on the Air Plane mode
4)  re-enabled ONLY the WIFI
and then use the Device Unlock APP again, this time it will work.


run software

How to unlock your device from T-Mobile using the Device Unlock APP Bypass Software:

  1. Download the T-Mobile Unlock APP bypass software
  2. Once the fle has been downloaded make sure it passes your anti virus checker. Click allow if prompted by your anti-virus software.
  3.  Go to the folder where you have downloaded the ZIP file called WL Client.  Unzip the file using winzip, 7-Zip, PeaSip or any other free software. Once it has been unzipped, open the file called: TMO Client.
  4. Click RUN to open the program.
  5. Now you see that the program is working then only proceed to order the username and password by selecting our service called: "T-Mobile Unlock APP bypass software"  it can be found at the top of this page in the menu that says Step 1 - Select your service
  6. Once you have received the email with your username and password, simply enter it into the software and click UNLOCK
  7. Your T-Mobile device has been successfully unlocked. 
No Rooting, No Finger Print Required. Simple plug and play solution to unlock a T-Mobile Android phone . This is a  Permanent Unlocking Solution.

t-mobile software

Please note as of January 20, 2019 this software only supports the following models.   If you have a model not listed below then please use one of the other options mentioned previously:


Models compatible with our downloaded software: [Method 3]

*The other methods support all T-Mobile devices with the unlock APP installed

Supported LG T-Mobile and MetroPCS phones with Device Unlock App (14 credits) :

* Only Rooted LG phones will work with our software. We do not provide support to Root an LG phone, so If you chose the Software for LG, you must get it rooted on your own before ordering the software. For Samsung phones they do not need to be rooted.

- LG G4 (H811)
- LG G5 (H830)
- LG G6 (H872)
- LG K7 (MS330,K330,AS330)
- LG K10 (K428,MS428)
- LG K20 Plus (TP260,MP260)
- LG G Stylo (MS631,H631)
- LG Stylo 2 (K550,MS550)
- LG Stylo 3 PLUS (TP450,MP450)
- LG Aristo (MS210,M210,X210MA)
- LG Aristo 2 Plus (X212G,X212MA,X212TA)
- LG Leon (H345,MS345)

Supported Samsung T-Mobile and MetroPCS phones with Device Unlock App (14 credits) :

- Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime J327T
- Galaxy S7 Edge (SM-G935T)
- Galaxy S7 Edge (SM-G935T)
- Galaxy S8 (SM-G950U)
- Galaxy S8 (SM-G950U1)
- Galaxy S8+ (SM-G955U)
- Galaxy S8+ (SM-G955U1)
- Galaxy S8 Active (SM-G892U)
- Galaxy S9 (SM-G960U)
- Galaxy S9 (SM-G960U1)
- Galaxy S9+ (SM-G965U)
- Galaxy S9+ (SM-G965U1)
- Galaxy Note 8 (SM-N950U)
- Galaxy Note 8 (SM-N950U1)
- Galaxy Note 9 (SM-N960U)
- Galaxy Note 9 (SM-N960U1) 


Only Some T-Mobile Samsung phones from 2015 still need unlock codes and do not have the Unlock APP installed.  Before oredering the unlock APP service make sure that the phone has the APP pre-installed and does not request a sim network unlock pin.   

These are the known  models that require a code, If your phone is one of the following models, please contact us before ordering:

- SM-G920T and SM-G925T Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. 
- SM-N910T Samsung Galaxy Note 4 IMEI’s starting with 3545 and 3560
- SM-G900T Samsung Galaxy S5 IMEI’s starting with 3536 and 3518
- SM-G386T Samsung Galaxy Avant IMEI’s starting with 3548 and 3528
- SGH-T399 Samsung Galaxy Light IMEI’s starting with 3547
- Some other models supported. Try IMEI’s starting with 3571, 3575 and others.


Not Supported Models:

- IMEI’s starting with 9900
- Samsung T-Mobile models like Galaxy S3, S4, Exhibit, Note 3 and older models.