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How to Unlock iPhone

To unlock an iPhone you will not need to enter in an unlock code. The factory unlock process is done over-the-air (OTA) and is pushed to your phone through the Apple server. To unlock your phone officially you first have to put in a request for the lock to be removed. Here we provide all the information needed to unlock your phone.

This page will cover how to unlock your iPhone.


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Do you want to Change Service carriers? 

SIM Unlocking your phone allows you to change your carrier but keep your same phone, saving you lots of money!
We will SIM unlock your iPhone even if it's still in contract, on a corporate plan or even when your current telecom refuses!

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Need Your Phone While Travelling?

Some network carriers will only unlock your iphone temporarily for travel or make you buy a special plan.
When you use our network unlock service, your phone will be unlocked forever.
You will no longer be stuck using Wi-Fi only and you can Save on roaming fees wherever you go!

What Do I need to know before I Unlock my iPhone?:

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Before you attempt to unlock your iPhone check that it is not stolen, not iCloud locked and that it is not already unlocked.

  1. Be sure to Check That it is not stolen (it won't work on any carrier in North America if it is reported stolen, even if it is an unlocked phone)

  2. Also Check that the  iPhone is not iCloud Locked  or Activation locked by. To do that Tap settings ?> then General -> [your name] -> Scroll down and Tap sign Out. Enter Your Apple ID password and Turn OFF.

  3. Be sure to Check That it is not already unlocked.

* Only if the above is resolved, can you can safely proceed to unlock your iPhone from its carrier using our unlocking services.

Read the answers to some common questions below:

How to Check if my iPhone Is already Unlocked?

Before starting the SIM-unlocking procedure, you will first need to test if your iPhone is already an unlocked phone. All you will need to do is connect to the internet via WiFi and add a new SIM from another mobile carrier.

locked phone

During activation, if your iPhone is unlocked, then it is going to activate as usual and the network signal bars should be displayed in the top right corner. If instead, a message appears saying " SIM Not Supported ", that means your iPhone is not unlocked.

Now you are ready to unlock your phone. Keep reading to find out how...

How to Carrier Unlock Your iPhone:

  1. Getting the IMEI number

    The first step to unlock your phone and officially remove carrier locks is to get the IMEI number from your mobile device. To do this simply dial *#06# on your phone as if you were making a regular phone call. Now if you can't access the phone dialer for some reason, you can retrieve the IMEI number on older iPhones such as the 5S and 5C by looking at the back sticker. It is written in small print right under the Apple Logo. In newer iPhones, you can retrieve this number by taking out the sim card tray. The IMEI number is written in small print on the side of the SIM card tray. You are looking for a 15 digit number that usually starts with 35... for newer iPhones like the iPhone 7 and starts with 01... for older iPhones models like the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPhone 6.

    After dialing *#06# on your iPhone you will see that your 15 digit number will appear on the screen. This number is important so right it down because you will need it on the website to order the Official network unlock iPhone services. You can also go to settings > General > About section as shown below:

    iphone imei



    From here you have the basic information needed to unlock your device. Whether you are unlocking your iPhone directly from the carrier or by using our website or something else, make sure you have checked all the information about your phone using the IMEI number before you order the iPhone unlock service. You can check the blacklist status information and the carrier lock status information using this unique IMEI number. You can go to our imei checker page to do this.

  2. Selecting the correct Carrier unlock service

    Search through the order form and select the Country and Carrier that your phone is locked to now and not the one you want to use it with. Once you have clicked on the carrier service, click the NEXT button on the lower right side. Then insert your IMEI number on the second step of our order form. The final step is to send the payment on our website using Paypal or a credit card. Finally, you will simply need to wait for our email to arrive in your inbox.

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  4. Remove the SIM card:

    You want to unlock your iPhone in order to use a new sim card or different sim cards in it. When the unlocking process is complete you will need to remove your old sim card and insert a sim from new carrier. Use a paperclip and stick it in the hole and the tray will pop out. Each iPhone model has a unique location for their sim cards. Refer to the photos below to successfully remove your sim tray.

  5. iphone sim card

    image credit: Apple



  6. Connecting to a PC

    Once you open the email that confirms that your iPhone is unlocked successfully and now the last step is to connect the phone to the internet to activate the unlock. Before doing that you will need to remove your old sim card and insert a sim card from a new carrier (other than the one is it locked to). If you do not know where the SIM slot is located see the image above. Since you will not have DATA on the new sim yet, you will need to find a WIFI signal. Connect to Wi-Fi using your iPhone and follow the activation prompts on screen. The second way that you can activate your phone is using iTunes. Simply connect your iPhone to your computer. Once you have restored your device the process is completed. You will get the message saying that your iPhone has been unlocked and you will be able to use it with any compatible network carrier worldwide.

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Ready to Unlock your iPhone?

Please proceed to “Unlock my iPhone” Order form and fill out all the information as accurately as possible to see if we are able to unlock your device



I Unlocked My iPhone—Now What?

 Congratulations! You successfully carrier unlocked your own iPhone! On previous iOS versions, you would need to connect your iPhone to iTunes backup and restore the device for the unlock to work. Luckily,with later updates you simply need to connect to Wifi and insert the new sim card inside, usually, it will get unlocked without needing your computer.

Is the iPhone Unlock service Permanent?

Yes! when your cellphone becomes carrier unlocked , it is going to stay that way forever!  You can update to iOS 14 and install new software without worrying about it ever relocking!

How do I order the iPhone Unlock Service?

To order an iPhone unlock service simply, dial *#06# on your device. Then select your model below, Select the original Network provider and then click the "NEXT" button. Now enter in your IMEI on our website and click the "Process" Button to proceed to the the payment page. After sometime you will receive a confirmation email that your iPhone has been unlocked successfully.

Is it Legal to Unlock an iPhone?

Unlocking your iPhone is completely legal in all the countries that we have checked however it is always possible that laws can be changed. If you are in doubt contact the customer service department to enquire. If you are still financing the mobile through your carrier then technically they still own the phone until you pay for it off completely. In that case, your carrier may not want you to unlock it for they fear you will run away to another carrier without actually paying the remaining balance owed on your iPhone!


What Carriers SIM Card Can I Use on My iPhone After Unlocking? 

This means that you may use whatever carrier you would like to now, right? We hate to break this to you, but the answer is no. Because the networks used in the United States and around the world may differ. They can either be  GSM and CDMA, and support a specific type of network Band. You can find out if it will work but it requires a bit of research. Especially, Verizon and Sprint in the USA as well as some carriers in Japan like Softbank and AU are CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) networks, whereas AT&T, T-Mobile, MetroPCS, Cricket along with most carriers from countries around the world that use GSM networks (Global System for Mobiles).

Generally here is a list of network bands used in common countries around the world. Luckily iPhone made from the iPhone 6S and onwards are considered octaband or world phones so they will work on most network frequencies worldwide (gsm only). 

The Unlocked iPhones will work on GSM carriers only (AT&T, T-Mobile, international GSM providers): Original iPhone, iPhone 4, 4s, iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, iPhone 7, 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone SE and iPhone X model

Will work on CDMA networks worldwide: iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, XS Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max device model.



How to Unlock my iPhone directly from the carrier?:

To Unlock your device directly from your carrier you will first need to find out what devices are eligible and often times you will have to pay off your device first and also use it on the network provider account for a certain period of time. Verizon generally will unlock your phone automatically once you are eligible and you will not need to call their customer support number to have your iPhone unlocked. We will show you how get a device unlock directly from T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint below:

Unlock Sprint iPhone:

Sprint - Sprint is a CDMA network provider so the unlocking process is slightly more complicated. Based on when you bought your phone and if it's even capable of being unlocked you will have different choices. If you bought a new iPhone from Sprint after February 2015 and you have an account and it's actively being used in their network, Sprint will unlock it automatically after it fulfills their eligibility requirements. But in case your device has not been used on Sprint long enough or has been purchased before February 2015, then you are going to want to contact Sprint

Contact Sprint Customer Care to have your iPhone unlocked using the phone number 1-888-211-4727 for additional Help.

Unlock AT&T iPhone:

To Unlock your iPhone from the AT&T you are in luck as they have the easiest system. Go to the AT&T Device unlock iPhone page, enter in your IMEI and phone number and it will be unlocked within 3 business days (in most cases). The devices can also be unlocked by a non-AT&T customer. as long as the previous owner has met the unlock criteria. If you just upgraded to the latest model than you will have to wait.

Unlock T-Mobile Phone requirements:

• Bought directly from T-Mobile

• Devices Paid in Full

• Not Blacklisted ( reported lost, or stolen)

• For prepaid account, it has to be used on T-Mobile for a full year of service

Contact T-Mobile Customer Care to request an unlock by calling  the phone number 1-800-937-8997

When the device is a part of a postpaid account, it must also meet the requirements:

•Active for 40 days on T-Mobile

• All payments paid off


Unlock iPhone Factory Unlock method is the recommended sim unlock service as the process is done by whitelisting your imei from the imei database. Before making the unlock request make sure the iPhone is locked to a provider and you have a WiFi internet connection . Our unlocking method only requires the IMEI. It is a simple unlocking process that requires you to enter in your device details to order the iPhone Unlock service. To get started go to the menu at the top of this page and select unlock iPhone. We offer a replacement warranty and the lowest price. Use our iPhone unlock service today!

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