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Guide: Unlock Motorola Phone

How to Unlock Motorola is outlined below:

  1. Once passing the lock screen simply Dial *#06# on your Motorola phone models as if you were making a phone call. Get your IMEI number and enter it on the website here to place an order.

  2. Get IMEI

  3. Use a paper clip to remove your old sim card and insert the new SIM card to unlock your Motorola Phone

  4. Get SIM

  5. Motorola smartphones will prompt automatically for a SIM Network Unlock PIN. Enter the 8 digit Network Unlock Code or subsidy code when prompted.

  6. Your Phone is now unlocked if it says Unlock Success or if the unlock code is accepted.

  7. - Unlocking Motorola is now complete and you are now able to use your Android device with a different carrier!

    - After the unlock Motorola process is completed, If your Data and SMS is not working with your new sim card, simply update the APN settings

How to Unlock Motorola Phone By Unlock Code?

  • To get started Simply scroll to the top of this page and enter in your information by selecting your carrier and then enter in your IMEI number on the next step.
  • Once you press the NEXT button a page will be displayed asking you to confirm your information and below there will be an option where you can submit your order.


In rare cases the phone does not except the unlock code on the first try. First check that you have provided the correct IMEI number. If the IMEI is correct then proceed to the unlock steps.

Do a factory reset. Then Insert an unauthorized SIM and leave the phone on the unlock code prompt screen for 10 minutes. Now enter the unlock code again.

For the Moto G Model or Moto X Model try these additional steps:

If it still says unlock code not accepted, keep entering the unlock code over and over again. It may take up to 30 attempts before it says unlock code accepted. This is a known issue for this model and you can enter the code for an unlimited amount of time without freezing or hard locking your phone, so keep trying. If you have a different model than do not do this!

Motorola Unlock codes will only work for GSM carriers and not for CDMA phones and devices with the Device Unlock APP installed and all latest device models from T-Mobile USA or MetroPCS / Metro by T-Mobile. Please order the T-Mobile / Metro PCS service instead.

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For any questions about phone unlocking please contact us by e-mail or leave your comments below. You can also message us on Facebook messenger. If you are having an issue with your Motorola sim card then please contact service provider.

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What Do I need to know BEFORE Unlocking Motorola phones :

  1. Make sure to Check That it is not stolen (it won't work on any network provider in North America if it is reported stolen, even if it is network unlocked)
  2. Make sure it is not  ROOTED  and it is running the Android stock ROM (operating system).
  3. Make sure it asks for a SIM Network Unlock Pin or subsidy code automatically when you insert a SIM card from a different service provider.

* Only if the above is resolved, can you can safely proceed to unlock your Motorola using our unlocking service.

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Is it Legal to Unlock a Motorola?

Unlocking your Motorola is completely legal in all the countries that we have checked however it is always possible that laws can be changed. If you are still financing the phone through your carrier then technically they still own the phone until you pay for it off completely. In that case, your carrier may not want you to unlock it for they fear you will run away to another carrier without actually paying the remaining balance owed on your Motorola!

If you bought the Motorola second-hand or got it from a friend then you may not be sure If your Motorola is locked or not, the simple way to find out is to pop in a SIM card from a different Network. If it's locked, then the Motorola won't work on that network. If it works, then you can be sure that the Motorola is unlocked and not blacklisted.

However, if it does not work with SIM cards from a different network, this can also mean that it is blacklisted. You are better off spending a dollar or two and purchasing a Blacklist Checker,and Motorola carrier checker.

If you discover that it definitely is locked, and not blacklisted then we can help you network unlock it using our Motorola unlock service.


Motorola Unlock Method

Our unlock instructions will not void your warranty and it is the same method that the manufacturer recommends.

Instructions for Inputting the Unlock Code for all models: ( 4 steps)

  1. Power on your Motorola device with a foreign sim card
  2. The phone will prompt for you for "Sim Network Unlock Pin" or "Enter Unlock Code".
  3. Enter the code provided.
  4. Your phone is now unlocked!

More Motorola unlocking troubleshooting  steps are available!

What is an Motorola Unlock Code for a Cell Phone?

  • To unlock Motorola Unlock codes are used for all Motorola phones. We can unlock Motorola Moto G, Moto X, Moto Razr and many more models.
  • Phones must be from GSM Networks

Popular Motorola Unlocked Models

Moto G4 Play, Atrix, Droid, Moto Z, Moto X, Moto Z2 Force Edition, MB511 Flipout M, Moto G, Motorola G4 Plus, Moto Z Play, Moto G Play, Moto G3 Flipout, Moto G Plus, XT1032 Moto G, Moto E4 2017

Popular Motorola Unlock Networks

Rogers, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Vodafone, EE

Ready to Unlock your Motorola phone Now?

To unlock your Motorola phone simply scroll to the top of this page and enter in your information by selecting your carrier and then enter in your IMEI number on the next step.

Once you press the NEXT button a page will be displayed asking you to confirm your information and below there will be an option where you can submit your order and purchase the code from us.


How do I unlock my Motorola phone if I forgot my pin?

If you forgot your lock screen password or screen pattern, you will need to factory reset your phone before you can unlock it.

If you do not know your screen password or screen pattern please follow these instructions below to factory reset your Android Motorola device and remove the lock screen. This method is without a computer.


  1. Turn off your phone, then hold the Volume Down Key + Power button /Lock Key on the back of the phone. (Volume up button for older models)
  2. Release the keys when the Android mascot or Motorola logo appears.
  3. When the Android system recovery menu or Factory hard reset screen is displayed then Release all keys when the.
  4. Press the Power button / Lock Key to continue or either of the Volume Keys to cancel.
  5. The Factory reset data screen will warn you about all the user data and app information that are about to be erased.
  6. With your finger Press the Power button once more to confirm or either of the Volume down or Volume up Keys to cancel.
  7. Your phone is now restored to factory settings, all data is erased and the screen lock should also be removed.

If your phone is lost you can use your phone number and the Android device manager app to reset your Motorola remotely.