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How to unlock a samsung phone

Unlocking Samsung is outlined below:

Follow this unlocking process-

  1. Dial *#06# on your Samsung phone as if you were making a phone call. Get your IMEI number and enter it on the website here to place an order

  2. Get IMEI

  3. Use a paper clip to remove your old sim card and insert the new SIM card into your locked Samsung phone

  4. Get SIM

  5. Your Samsung smartphone will prompt automatically for a SIM Network Unlock PIN code. Enter the 8 to 16 digit Network Unlock Code

  6. Your Samsung smartphone is now unlocked successfully if the code is accepted

  7. enter code

    Unlocking Samsung is now complete and you are now able to use your Android device with a different carrier!

To unlock a Samsung device:

  1. Insert a non-supported SIM card into the device and turn it on.
  2. The message “SIM Network unlock PIN” will appear. Enter the network lock code (NCK) and press Unlock.
    Note: the network lock code may be 16 digits long. If the first eight digits are all zeros, ignore them and enter the last eight digits.
  3. The message “Network unlock successful” will appear once the device has been unlocked.
If the Samsung Galaxy device is blocked, asks for a Master Code, or Network PUK remember to order the appropriate service as unlock codes services come only with the Network unlock code unless otherwise specified.



Important note: you can attempt to unlock the device up to 10 times. After 10 failed attempts, you will have to log in to your Google account to reset the password or lock pattern.

Unlock codes will only work for GSM carriers and not for CDMA Phones and phones with the Device Unlock APP installed and all latest phone models from T-Mobile USA or MetroPCS / Metro by T-Mobile. Please order the T-Mobile / Metro PCS service instead.

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How To Unlock Samsung: Using an unlock software [How To]

Please proceed to our Samsung unlock software page for further details on How to Unlock a Sprint phone phone using a USB cable and a PC computer.

Samsung Software Unlock

This is for the purchase of a software that can unlock supported Samsung models regardless of the network operator. 

This service is different from our conventional services as it will require a data cable, PC and internet connection.

We use this service if you are comfortable installing a software as an alternative if your unlock code for your device is not available, or you require a special service for your device.

Through this service we can unlock many devices that cannot be unlocked from even your carrier.

This can also be used to unlock hard-locked devices! Good for one unlock only.



Samsung Unlocked Models

Unlock your Samsung Galaxy Phone


When we talk about a unlocking a phone we can mean several things. Typically it refers to either  a screen unlock or a network unlock.

A screen unlock means the pin number or pattern lock on your screen that you enter every time you open your phone or in some cases when you reboot your phone.

A network unlock refers to the removal of the restrictions which prevents SIM cards from other network carriers working on your phone.

Samsung Galaxy Network Lock:


To unlock a Samsung Galaxy device the process is generally very easy and straightforward. To network unlock your device simply enter in the 8  or 16 digit network unlock code when prompted.  Once your Samsung phone has been network unlocked you can use it with any supported networks in the world. Network Unlocked Phones are typically more valuable.


We have the unlock code for the new Samsung Galaxy Fold and S10, S20 and Note 10. We can also have the service to unlock your Samsung Galaxy s8, Galaxy s8+, Galaxy s9, Galaxy s5 neo, Galaxy Note 7, Note 3, Galaxy ace, Note 4, Galaxy Note 2 and many more Samsung models.


How to unlock a Samsung Galaxy S9 by IMEI


Unlocking your Samsung phone worldwide by IMEI with Canada Unlocking, regardless of the model. If you have a Samsung Galaxy, Note, a GT, Tab, an ACE or any other Samsung model with our network unlock service by IMEI you will have your mobile free to use on any available network in a matter of hours.

Unlocking a Samsung phone is a very simple process. You only have to enter a sequence of digits that we will send you by email. Remember that it is a 100% legal process and that Canada Unlocking is a cheaper option to unlock your cell phone.

The unlocking is guaranteed to not damage your mobile  phone in any way. It does not affect the warranty, and that is why it is the unlocking method recommended by manufacturers. In any case, if you have any problem, remember that you can contact us 24 hours a day via email.

Samsung Unlocking Process:

1. Insert an unauthorized Sim Card into the device (a SIM card from a different company)
2. Power on the device by holding the power button for 3 seconds
3. Enter the NETWORK Unlock Code we provided when prompted
4. You Samsung Phone is now be unlocked if the phone says UNLOCK SUCCESSFUL


More Steps in case the code is not accepted can be found here:

Unlocking Troubleshooting steps

Detailed Explanation of the Different unlock codes needed, including the Unfreeze code, Master code, Network code or Regional Unlock code can be found here:

Code Terminology Explained


Unsupported Networks:

At this time, the following Networks cannot be unlocked by unlock code:

  • Straight talk
  • Net10
  • Softbank Japan
  • Tracfone
  • Simple Mobile
  • Family Mobile


Samsung Devices with Pre-installed Unlock App

If your device is equipped with the unlock app they require unlocking through a special service. Please visit the specialized page if you network is listed below:

T-Mobile Unlock App
Metro PCS Unlock App
Cricket Unlock App (Coming soon)


You can also use our official SAMSUNG CANADA & Samsung USA services  service if your code is not found under the carrier name service ie: AT&TBell, Rogers, Telus etc.

Make sure your phone prompts automatically for an unlock code before ordering. No refund if it doesn't ask for the code. Don't reorder if you already received a code from another service.  Contact us first!


If the phone shows "the message Phone Freeze" with an unauthorized sim, this means someone already has tried wrong codes many times and has hardlocked the phone. You will need a defreeze (unfreeze) code at this point (please contact us).

How to unlock Galaxy s8

To unlock Samsung Galaxy S8 or any Samsung phone, make sure to follow the video below.

How to unlock Samsung s7 Edge

To unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge or any Samsung phone, make sure to follow the video below.

How to unlock Galaxy s6

If you are wondering how to unlock a locked Galaxy S6 or any Samsung phone, make sure to follow our suggestions below.

Factory Unlock a Samsung so that you can use it with other SIM cards from carriers around the World!

We are Canada's #1 Samsung Unlocking company in the industry today.

Why Should You Factory Unlock Your Samsung with Canada Unlocking ?

* Buy a local SIM to save on roaming fees when travelling abroad or vacationing.
* Increases your Samsung's resale value.
* Easily switch Carriers, without having to buy a new phone.
* Our Unlocking will not void your warranty!
* 100% Guaranteed to work or your money back!


It doesn’t matter if it's an old Samsung, or one of the latest releases, with CanadaUnlocking you will find a solution to successfully unlock your Samsung and fast. There’s no need to send us your phone, just provide us the IMEI Number of your phone and we will e-mail you your  unlock code. for your Samsung phone.

To unlock your Samsung today, just select the name of the carrier that your Samsung Phone is locked to presently by using the drop down menu.

Once you  Samsung cell phone is UNLOCKED for you can use is on all compatible networks found all over the world! 


Samsung Screen Lock / FRP Lock:

A screen unlock should be straight forward however if we forget our lock screen password or pin number then it can be complicated.  Android introduced a new security feature known as FRP lock which is similar to icloud activation lock in the sense that you can no longer simply factory reset your phone to remove the existing account and PIN number (password).  When you try to this you will be blocked and need to sign into your Google account to be able to factory reset it.  FRP lock is short for Factory Reset Protection.  Although this feature is useful to prevent thieves from using your lost or stolen phone, however it can be a nuisance if you bought a used phone or simply forgot your password.  It may mean that you are stuck with a very expensive paper weight otherwise.

There is special software to bypass this Android FRP lock security feature.  It works well however you will lose all your data on your phone including Photos, contacts and APP data that is not synced to the cloud.  Samsung find my mobile is also a feature that allows you to locate your device remotely in the event that it is lost or misplaced. To use this software please contact us or visit this page: Samsung FRP Bypass .

If the FRP has not been turned on in your phone simply perform a factory reset. Here are the steps to reset your phone

Factory Reset Method for Samsung

Option 1:

  1. Turn off your phone, then press and hold the Power/Bixby key and Volume Up key, then press the Power key.
  2. Release the keys when the Android mascot appears.
  3. When the Android system recovery menu appears, use the Volume Down key to select "Wipe Data/Factory Reset" and press the Power/Bixby key to proceed.

Option 2:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap "General management" and then tap "Reset." You'll find the option to reset your phone in the Settings menu.
  3. Tap "wipe data Factory reset data."
  4. The Factory reset data screen will warn you about all the user data and app information that are about to be erased.
  5. Your device is not restored to factory settings.

Unlock via Samsung Find My Mobile:

Unlocking your Samsung smartphone using the Find My Mobile feature is a method of removing the screen passcode remotely. To use this feature you will first need to activate the remote controls function in your mobile device, then login to your Samsung Account.  To access these functions simply go to: settings > Lock screen and security > Find My Mobile. Once the Remote controls functions are enable simply login in from a web browser at this url to remotely unlock your Samsung Once logged in, select Unlock.

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CanadaUnlocking has been providing valuable information and original content for you and the Samsung community for more than six years. We have a lot to offer with our cutting edge technology. Don't hesitate to get Mobile device help from our support team!

Here we provide all the information that you need to unlock your phone.

100% Guaranteed to Permanently Factory Unlock your Samsung. Your Samsung will remain unlocked even after updating firmware.

At the top of the page you will notice an order form. It is actually a drop down menu. Once you click it, you will see a list of services. You can remove the lock on you Samsung device by using the Samsung Unlock tool or Samsung unlock code generator found at the top of the page by selecting either the correct country and network that it is locked to or by selecting the correct make and model.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. If for any reason we are unable to find your Samsung NCK code or network unlock code, a refund is issued. View the 3 steps to get your code.



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